Powell Liberty Historical Society

A window into the past of Powell and Liberty Township

Remembrances, News Articles, and Personal Histories

Year Title Author Description Link
1931 An Early History of Hyatts Junior-Senior English Class of Hyatts High Scool A summary of the history of early Hyatts prepared by the above mentioned english class based on interviews. May 1931 View the document (pdf)
1940 History of Powell Community Betty Holly History written by a young school girl as an assignment - in her own handwriting. View the document (pdf)
1946 Powell Boosters Start Movement for Expansion Worthington News News article describing organization of a Boosters Club drive for expansion. View the document (pdf)
1955 Columnist Johnny Jones Lives in Three-Room House Johnny Jones Columbus Dispatch newspaper article about Jones' small house overlooking the Olentangy River. View the document (pdf)
1958 One Room Schools in Delaware County Paul M. Lybarger Paul Lybarger was the Delaware County Superintendent of Schools from 1914 to ?. This was the initial period after passage of the law establishing county wide districts. View the document (pdf)
1986 Origin and Purpose of PLHS Unknown A brief description of the formation of the Powell-Liberty Historical Society and its purpose written in the mid 1980's when the restoration of the Martin-Perry Homestead was in progress. View the document (pdf)
1986 Historical Society Sets Sights for First Project Nancy Robinson Powell News article about plans to rennovate the Martin-Perry House View the document (pdf)
1989 Liberty Township District No. 4 School Judith K. Brozek History of Liberty Township School # 4 from early 1800's to 1950's. School #4 was located at the NW corner of Ohio Rt. 315 and Home Rd. View the document (pdf)
1990 Civic Groups Get Residents Involved Liz Robertson Article about the formation of civic groups in Powell including the Powell Ladies' Club, the Powell-Liberty Historical Society, and initial stages of forming a chamber of commerce. View the document (pdf)
1990 Hyatts Liz Robertson Overview of the history of Hyatts based on interviews with residents at the time View the document (pdf)
1990 When I Came to Town Barbara Cape Article appearing in the January 8, 1990 edition of the Pacer magazine section of the Delaware Gazette View the document (pdf)
1997 Shopping in the Village - 50 Years Ago - Penny Candy Evalyn Plummer Anderson Article about Plummer's store prepared for the Olentangy Valley News in 1997. View the document (pdf)
1997 Farming has changed greatly as Powell area developed Craig Askins Glimpses of the past article that appeared in the Olentangy Valley News View the document (pdf)
1997 Powell's Golden Days Golden Days Committee Booklet prepared for the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Powell by the Celebration Committee. Provides a summary of the evolution of Powell up to the end of the 20th century. View the document (pdf)
2000 Living in a Store Evalyn Plummer Anderson Growing up in Plummer's Confectionery View the document (pdf)
2019 History of Liberty Township Schools - Mid 1890's to 1914 May Duffy Miss Duffy's handwritten notes with her remembrances of the development of the schools. Document date is unknown. View the document (pdf)
2019 Plummer's Trading Post unknown Summary of the history of Plummer's store, a landmark in the center of Powell from the early '40s to the early '70s. Date of the article is not known. View the document (pdf)
2019 History of Liberty Township Schools 1890's - 1914 May Duffy May Duffy's handwritten description of the history of the Liberty Township Schools from the mid 1890's to 1914. The school system underwent rapid change during this period and Miss Duffy was a student and teacher throughout. View the document (pdf)
2019 Trimming the Tree Fred M. Reeves, Jr. A first person account of how members of the Liberty Township Fire Department trimmed the Village Christmas tree. Date the article was written is unknown. View the document (pdf)