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A Brief History of Powell and Liberty Township

A video and PowerPoint slides that present a few highlights of the history of Powell and Liberty Township. There are also links to pdf documents with additional information.

Author/Editor(s):   Allen Miller

Apr 09, 2023

Highlights In The Early History Of The Village Of Powell, Ohio

This history is a series of four articles that appeared in the Worthington News in 1946 and early 1947 as the process to incorporate Powell was underway. It is a fact filled summary of the early history of the area. The links provided will open a copy of the newspaper to the page containing the article. The Worthington News archive is part of the Ohio Memories Project of the Ohio History Connection and access is courtesy the Ohio History Connection.

Author/Editor(s):   Frank Bayles

Dec 12, 1946

Then and Now

A short video with pictures of buildings and street scenes throughout the township as they appeared in the past and as they appear more recently. The images used for the comparisons are from the Powell-Liberty Township files.

Author/Editor(s):   Allen Miller

Aug 20, 2023

Liberty Township Schools

This document contains a number of records, essays, summaries and personal narratives about the schools of Liberty Township. Much of the material addressed the Township District period from the early 1800's until 1914 when Township districts were eliminated, and county wide districts were established. There is also material covering the county district period from 1914 to 1953 when the second consolidation of districts created the district that ultimately became the Olentangy Local School District. This History is updated regularly so check back periodically if you are interested in local school history.

Author/Editor(s):   Allen Miller

Oct 26, 2023

Local Library History

This article describes the development of the local library from reading rooms in business, to the Powell Branch of the Delaware Area Library District to the Liberty Branch that opened in 2023. Bookmobiles and other ways that residents maintained libraries over the years are also included.

Author/Editor(s):   Marilyn Battin

Sep 06, 2023

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